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Retiro de yoga

Meditación, yoga y alimentación consciente
Isla Negra 15, 16 y 17 de marzo de 2024 


Veka Flow                      Monday and Wednesday                   18:15 pm

Yoga Morning                Tuesday and Thursday                      07:15 am


All levels welcome via Zoom

Choose  your monthly plan

Enjoy our live online classes 
Each class will be recorded so you can enjoy it whenever you like

3 months

Best Value
58 Mil CLP
64 USD

  • Includes access to all classes

  • Assistance with your instructor

  • Monitoring and progress of your practice

  • Special discount

  • Live and On Demand Classes

  • Access to recorded classes 

  • Discount on yoga retreats

24 Mil CLP
25 USD

1 Month

  • Includes access to all classes

  • Assistance with your instructor 

  • Live and On Demand Classes

  • Access to recorded classes 

  • Discount on yoga retreats

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Transform your mind and body with Veka 

Our style of yoga  It is more than 8 years old and has allowed us to have acceptance and affection from our students, making us one of the studios with the highest rating on Google Maps  

Meet your instructor 

Ignacio Gajardo, Creator and founder of Veka Yoga Studio, 

Ignacio Gajardo yoga instructor at Veka Yoga Studio

Ignacio Gajardo

Yoga Instructor & SoundHealing meditation

Ignacio has developed his path in yoga for more than 8 years, starting in India and Indonesia. Today Veka Yoga has. one of the highest ratings on Google Maps in Chile and his  community on Instagram has  more than 11.4 K followers. 

Javiera Zlatar, CL

“Excellent yoga room with a very good space and a wonderful yoga teacher. He is both a very good practitioner and a very good teacher. And at the end of each class, we close with a freshly prepared tea. Highly recommended

Tonino, CL

"Gratitude to Veka Yoga Studio for allowing it to be a space of deep connection with the being that we are, thank you Ignacio for your generosity and dedication in what you do! 💗"

Constanza Sfair, CL

“Veka Yoga is a magical place, the classes are healing for body and soul. Ignacio's guide makes everyone who visits his studio feel at home. Thanks for everything!"

The Benefits of Yoga and Meditation 

Develop your flexibility and resistance

Our online yoga classes They are focused on helping you develop flexibility in your muscles and resistance 

Say goodbye to stress

Constant practice three days a week will allow you to considerably reduce stress and tension levels.

Develop inner calm and awareness 

Veka Yoga Studio we focus on being able to deliver personal development tools in each class, allowing you to generate body and emotional awareness 

Health & Wellness

Each practice allows your body to reach ideal states of movement to enhance the health of your body.organs and muscles

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