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Our online plans

Each plan gives you the possibility of attending all the classes you want during the month, having access to our recorded classes which you can receive by email or in our private WhatsApp group. 

Online yoga classes available in various digital elements, so you can do them from your computer, phone or iPad


Plan 1 Weekly Class...............$ 12,000 / 12 USD / 12 EU

Monthly unlimited plan ............$ 22,000 / 24 USD / 22 EU

Unlimited plan 3 months .............$ 58,000 / 58 USD / 58 EU

How to register?

Select the plan you like the most, click onour emailto assist you in the purchasing process (currently via bank transfer) 

Registration email

How do the classes work?

Once you have registered, the classes have a duration of 30 days which you can enjoy from the first day. 

We will send you the entry link to each class along with the entry code and then you will receive each recorded class with access for 4 days in your email.


You can also participate in the private WhatsApp group where questions are answered, class reminders and agendas for our monthly classes.

Together we are a beautiful community 

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