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Our vision in Yoga 

Online yoga classes, for all levels

At Veka Yoga studio, we faithfully believe that practicing yoga is a unique experience. Where we can find a safe, calm and close space. 

Our experience has more than 8 years in Chile, where we created one of the most innovative and bilingual physical studios,  Today our way of delivering yoga is online - personalized. 


Integrating a close form of yoga 

Well-being is essential for a life in harmony, so in our classes you can enjoy them live online or do them in recorded format, to do them at the time you like best.

Classes on days    

                                   Monday - Wednesday //  18:15 p.m.

                                   Tuesday - Thursday  //     07:15

* Via Zoom and recorded format so you can take the class as many times as you like


online yoga classes chile
Yoga classes for beginners and people who want to learn yoga
"The yoga journey is a beautiful path to discover the gifts of our body"

Ninna Burbuja 

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